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Saturday, October 30, 2010

another supper fiasco

Suppers have not been fun around here, not only because I don't like to make supper but Ashton is the most picky eater I've ever seen. He has a select few things he'll eat and for the longest time I tried to always make one of them for him, but a little while ago I decided to start making him eat what we're eating. We tried bribing him with pop (I know that's bad! but he really didn't drink that much of it) and that seemed to work for awhile, but I really don't like him drinking pop so we stopped. Almost every night its a fight to get him to eat, usually it's just the meat he doesn't want, but on occassion, he won't eat anything. Last week Grandma brought over a fun chart with stickers for him and told him that whenever he ate his supper, he got to put a sticker on the calendar and after 5 she'd buy him a special treat. Well, that started last Wednesday and he hasn't even got 5 stickers yet!

So last night, I made shake n bake pork chops (boneless), side kick noodles and peas/carrots. All of which he has eaten before and enjoyed but he just felt like being in one of those moods last night and didn't want to eat any of it. He screamed and cried and asked to go to his room. We reminded him if he ate it he'd get his 5th sticker and get a treat from Grandma, but that didn't work. We had planned on going to visit Grandma that night and told him if he didn't eat his supper then we would not go visit her, thinking that would work because he loves to go visit Grandma, but nope, nothing worked! He sat there for an hour or so. I told him when I was done dishes if he didn't eat then I was taking away his chart and there would be no more stickers. I did that one time last week and it worked, he ate, but last night, it was a no go! We asked him if he wanted to take it back to Grandma and she could give it to Kaylee (his cousin) because she always eats her supper and would get lots of treats. To our surprise, he wanted to give it back to Grandma but I realized that was probably just because he knew he would get to go to Grandmas house then. So we packed up the chart and all the stickers and took it back to Grandmas house. We thought it would teach him a lesson to take him to Grandmas and not let him have any treats, this is unheard of at Grandmas. Off we go to Grandmas and we actually made it like and hour before he ended up having pizza with Grandma, then Grandpa pulls out a chocolate for him. Can't say I'm surprised, but it was worth a try. I hope this supper things is age-related and not just Ashton-related. It is pretty annoying having a fight at supper everyday.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Here we go . . .

So I've been thinking of starting a blog for a little while but was unsure about it. I thought it might be a good idea because being at home with the kids all the time, it feels like facebook has been my main "connection" with the outside world but I really don't want to post my life story on my status, so this seemed like a good alternative. Now we'll just see if my life is exciting enough for people to actually want to read about.

This is one of those rare occassions that I get to relax, both boys are asleep. I love how Ashton decided to stop taking naps right about the same time that Brayden came along. Lately Ashton has been a bit of  a handful in the evening so a forced nap the last couple days was that answer. He's been a bit attention seeking lately due to the extra attention Brayden has recieved. Ashton thinks because Brayden spits and doesn't get in trouble that its ok for him too. My solution to stop the spitting is taking away toys that he loves if he continues to spit. Today, he was tired so he was going for his nap, but being obnoxious, so he was spitting. I told him to stop it, he said no (did I mention he is in the back talking stage as well?) I told him if he spit again I'd take Moosey away (a little background on Moosey - Ashton takes him to bed every night, and as he sucks his thumb, he pulls out Moosey's hair, therefore, Moosey is a bald stuffed Moose). I walked out of the room, closed the door and waited for him to spit, because I knew he would, and of course he did. I went into his room and took Moosey away, closed his door and threw Moosey onto my bed across the hall. He screamed for a minute but then stopped. About 10 minutes later when I went by his room to put Brayden down for a nap, his door was open and he was not in his room. I look across the hall and there he is asleep in MY bed, with Moosey in his arms. Little bugger, but it's hard not to laugh!