1000 miles in 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

new routine

Last week was a mess. We are in desparate need of some routine around here again. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I started back to work last Monday, 6:45 am. We are down to one vehicle right now and I would like to avoid re-registering our other car until we get caught up on some stuff from when I was off work so I decided that I would ride my bike to work and home for lunch, then take the car back after lunch so I could pick the kids up at daycare, which also leaves the vehicle for Jason to take them to daycare. This should be easy enough right? I don't live that far from work, I clocked it out at just over a mile.

Well, last weekend, as you all will remember, we had a huge snow storm! HUGE, this means, not riding my bike, as there was just no way that would work. I did get a ride on Monday morning because I didn't want to walk in that snow that early in the am either. I walked home at lunch, which I really don't mind, except that it takes 20 minutes at a super speed walk to get home and that takes a lot of time away from my hour lunch.

Monday night was an at home night but the boys were a little upset that they had been in daycare all day and they were clinging to me and whinning all night so it wasn't a fun night by any means. Tuesday, I worked til 7:15, came home, got the kids to bed, then I had to go grocerie shopping. It was 10% (which now is 15% if you spend enough money) Tuesday at Sobey's. I don't do all my shopping there. Superstore is still cheaper but I go the first Tuesday of every month to get my meat (as I'm a bit nervous to eat meat from Superstore). By the time I got home, it was after 9. Wednesday, work til 5:15, Jason was off at 5. He picked the boys up at daycare, then picked me up at work, we rushed home to change, a quick drive thru Burger King for some supper to eat in the car on the way to Ashton's soccer which starts at 6. That did not go well, Ashton didn't want to participate, so I had to hold his hand and do things with him just to try and get him involved. Soccer over at 7, straight to Jason's ball game. We were only there a short time and left because the boys needed a bath and to get to bed. Jason would have to walk home from ball. Thursday, I worked until 6:45, got picked up by a friend and straight to soccer practice at 7. Friday work til 3:45, run errands for soccer before picking the boys up from daycare and ready to start our busy weekend.

This week may not have been so bad but did I mention that Sunday night, both kids decided they weren't going to sleep at night anymore? Brayden is teething and has a terrible cold and eye infection and I really don't know what was up with Ashton, but I was up every 2 hours for the first 3 days. On top of it all, I had the worst cold, which I actually think was a sinus infection and I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. It hurt to touch my skin. But a mom's work is never done!

Between all this, I had to plan and shop for, Brayden's 1st birthday party that we had coming on Saturday and to make matters worse, we had family staying with us for the weekend too so I had to get the basement bedroom cleaned, just adding to my chore list.

I am hoping this week goes better. I do feel better and the boys are sleeping again now so with just that, things are looking up.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

how much should one put up with?

Last week was my first week back to work and much to my dismay, it was at Herbal Magic. I tried to have an open mind as they have changed the hours, we are only open late (til 7) 2 days/week and only open 4 hours on Saturday. Plus the potention to make more money is there which helps too. I kept hearing about all these changes that had happened and how much better it was now. A couple hours into my first shift, I realized that this was not true.

Nothing that I worked so hard on to organize before leaving is being done anymore. I put a lot of time and energy into making things run smoothly, all the while being yelled at on a daily basis that nothing was good enough. Now I go in and the manager is lazy as heck and the other 2 want to quit because she's a total dictator. On top of that, by Thursday, the same old phone calls from the supervisor giving us heck for not having a good sales day. That was the icing on the cake that I am, not matter how much money I may make there, done. I know that saying that requires finding another job but at the same time, I have made that decision that when I do come across another opportunity comes along in which I can make enough money to live, even if it's less than I will make at HM, I am out of there!

The hunt continues . . .