1000 miles in 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Updated my ticker today. I'm at 233 miles since the beginning of January.

To make it to 1000 miles this year, I should be at 250 to be on track so I'm only 17 miles behind. That's not as bad as I thought. I'm pretty happy with that.

I'm sure I'll get further behind this summer when I'm back to work and playing soccer. 2 of my runs will be replaced with soccer. I will still be running, obviously, but I won't be tracking it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

a toddler in the house again

Wow, I forgot what it was like to have a toddler! WOW! I can't say it enough. It all started last Monday night. I have know for the last month that he would start walking anytime. He walked around very easily with only one finger to hold, I knew that finger was not making a difference in his balance, but in his confidence. He'd squeeze that finger so tight because he knew my trick of slowly slipping it out of his grasp to make him walk on his own. That was the same thing Ashton did, and I'm sure all kids do when they are learning. As soon as I'd let go, he'd sit down.

This past weekend when we were out visiting my parents, he would walk a bit further each time he tried, mainly because I'd keep backing up. His problem was that as he got closer to me, he'd speed up and end up diving at me. That was all that was stopping him.

On Monday night he decided he didn't need to rush to finish off those last few steps, thus it begins.

He was still only walking solo if I put him down in the middle of the floor and left him there to fend for himself but by Thursday night it was a different story.

We were sitting on the couch watching TV. Brayden and Ashton were playing as usual. Brayden standing up at the coffee table, letting go to walk across to the couch. I got up to go to the kitchen and my little wood tick saw me leave and decided he'd join me. He scooted along the couch til he came to the edge, around the end of the arm of the couch, stops, lets go and starts heading to the kitchen. I couldn't believe it. Finally on his own free will, he left the comfort of the support of the couch and was off to catch mom! Until this time, he'd only walk to mom, if I put him down and said walk to daddy. He'd smile at Jason, make a complete turn and head back to me. He does very well at his turning considering he's only just begun walking.

There goes my relaxation time! Now, I put him down somewhere to play in the living room and next thing, he's up at the coffee table, over to the couch, rounds the corner and he's off! I think that first night I spend 45 minutes, just chasing him and bring him back. He was still a little tipsy (not drunk, don't worry), so I had to follow him incase he would lose his footing and fall over, hitting his head on whatever object might be close to him.

As of today, one week from the beginning of this adventure, I don't have to follow him anymore. He leaves the livingroom, does his tour of the kitchen, goes around to the front door and generally makes his way back to the livingroom. He's much more steady on his feet now. If he does happen to lose his balance, he usually sits down quite controlled. Still crying sometimes. I'm sure it really doesn't hurt that much to fall from a foot off the ground and land on that padding he wears on his bum.

I am enjoying his happiness, that's for sure. He is much more content now that he's moving. I have a little more baby-proofing to do but for the most part, he's safe. Just the water cooler! How do you stop that? I can't put it up or prevent him from pulling down the handle. At least the hot water has a safety switch. He does enjoy pulling down the cold onto his other hand thats hanging on to the stand. Then he looks at me and shows me his wet hand. It's hard not to laugh. It is very cute.

I was thinking that I don't remember doing this with Ashton, chasing him around the house, but then I realized it was because I was back to work before Ashton started walking and our house at the time was 1/2 the size of this one and you could reach him from the couch lol It is amazing to see what he can do. He still seems so small to me. It just doesn't seem right that he can walk around. He's got a personality developing. I am sad that in another month I will not be here to see everything he does all day long. I guess that's the hard thing about going back to work. It'll be good for both of us though

Friday, March 25, 2011

My silly boys

Does anyone else have trouble getting both kids to smile at the same time? Especially when you can't ask a baby to smile, you have to get the older one to smile and just hold it there, point the camera and really hope the baby smiles before everyone gets tired of waiting. This is usually what we end up with.

We really do feed Brayden! I swear! It doesn't look like it, I know. No wonder Ashton is so skinny, he doesn't get to finish his meals!

Favorite shows

Ok, I need to write something, I have nothing to say so I thought you would all like to know what shows I like to watch. These are the ones I have set up to record every episode:
1. Ellen
2. How I met your Mother
3. Mad Love
4. Mike & Molly
5. Survivor
6. Cougar Town
7. Modern Family
8. Mr. Sunshine
9. Big Bang Theory
10. Rules of Engagement
11. The Amazing Race
12. Undercover Boss
13. Celebrity Apprentice

I know, it's a lot and that is 14 hours of TV every week. Then there are shows like Minute to Win it, Wipeout, What would you do? to name a few, I also enjoy these shows but they are not important enough to have them set up as series recordings. If I didn't have a DVR (which I just got last summer), I would not be recording all these programs. I have to record though, I can not watch anything when the kids are up! NOTHING, they are very loud. I don't even try.

I'm sure you all wanted to know this. It's very interesting. I'd be interested to see what you all watch.

now's my chance

Ok, both kids are in bed right now. One just went, the other has been there for almost 2 hours, so I do not know how long I have, lets see if I have anything to say.

Life has been pretty crazy here lately. Ashton is as wild as ever! I don't think he knows what an indoor voice is! I hope it's just attention seeking, that I can deal with. I am thinking once he's back in daycare and has other kids to play with, he'll calm down a bit.

Brayden, well, he's on the move. Yep, he's walking! I didn't think it would be long the way he was going this past weekend. We were just getting used to the crawling thing. He only stopped doing the army crawl like 2 or 3 weeks ago! He was starting to enjoy his freedom. As was I! Until this last couple weeks, I felt like he was a wood tick, stuck to me at all times! Once the crawling started, the separation grew a little bit, now that he's walking, it's amazing the difference.

I'm so proud of him. He just seems so small to be walking. He is about a month and half younger than Ashton was when he started walking. Ashton was a couple weeks past his first birthday, Brayden will be 11 months on Monday. Plus Brayden is smaller than Ashton was, weight and height! He's not puny or anything. I still have people say he's a big boy but he is smaller than Ashton.

He's growing up so fast. I have started introducing homo milk into his formula, 1 oz at a time to hopefully be done with formula (and the cost of it!!) soon. I am excited to think that I will soon be able to turn his car seat around! It'll be great to be able to see him when I look back rather than depending on Ashton's description of what Brayden is doing.

Speaking of car seats, I am also looking forward to switching Ashton to a booster seat. It is a pain having to get Ashton in the car, run around to the other side, put Brayden in, buckle him up, go back around to Ashton's side, buckle him up, then back around to get into drive. Now, arrive at my destination, repeat above in reverse! I think it'll be so much better once winter is gone and I'm not trying to squeeze those winter jackets in too! That makes it worse!

The reality of going back to work is really starting to sink in. There are days when I can't wait, and other days where I can't imagine being away from the boys that much. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I find a job that coordinates with my family life a little better than Herbal Magic did. Well, almost anything will coordinate better than being manager at HM! That schedule was not made for a person with a family!

Funny how I really have nothing to say now that I have time to write. I guess I'll just have to hope to find some time again. I also shouldn't be blogging anyway, since I have to get my resume adjusted and get applying. I stopped by HM to visit a couple of the girls I used to work with. The girl who is manager now told me that Fatima (that was my supervisor) needs a letter of intent from me, basically stating my intent to return or not. I think that is something Fatima made up to find out what my plans are rather than just asking me. I don't plan to write a letter of intent. I think if she wants to know, she can contact me herself! She hasn't contacted me once in the whole year I've been off. Show some interest! lol I told the manager that she could tell Fatima that I am due back the first week of May and as of right now, I do not have another job so I will be returning. That is the truth as I know it right now. It is not lying to them. I didn't have to say that I've applied else where or that I plan to. It is none of their business. I think all I have to give is 2 weeks notice, just like any job you leave.  I could be wrong. I have sent a message to my sister-in-law who has a degree in human resource, she'll know, and if she doesn't, she'll probably look it up for me. then I can just be lazy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

been awhile

I think I need to put a little more effort into my blog! lol been awhile since I've written. Lots has happened but it's hard to sit and write. Like right now, I need to get the dishes done and hit the shower before Brayden wakes up. I am debating which to do first. That lead me to the computer.

Maybe I'll take some time later and actually write something important, being that I have 3 followers now. Welcome Nikki, not sure if you know how to come back and actually read anything now that you have signed up but that's ok.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

more job stuff

As you can tell, finding a job is weighing heavily on my mind these days.

I went to the career symposium last night to see if I could get some ideas. Well, I talked to a physiotherapist there and I got some good and bad news.

Good news, they just changed the program to a masters, meaning I only have to go for 2 more years because I have a bachelor degree already. I also only need to take 2 courses, bio and english to have all the prerequisits and both can be taken through U of M distance education. I can't apply for the program until December of this year (classes start Sept 2012) so I'd have time to complete these 2 courses. Plus by then, Jason is done his apprenticeship and will be an electrician so he'll be making decent money. I also have to have a GPA of 3.2, mine isn't quite there but close so with these courses, I could hopefully pull it up.

Now, the bad news. The masters program is 2 years, no breaks, not even summer. Just a Christmas break and one week in the spring. I could handle that, but, the course is only offered in Winnipeg, so I'd either have to drive there EVERYDAY or move there. Neither are options at this time. Not with a family.

I guess I will have to keep looking and maybe eventually this course will be offered in Brandon. It's disappointing but also good to know where things are at. I will have to keep looking and maybe I'll find something else interests me.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

now what?

Got some bad news yesterday on the job front. Kind of bummed me out.

A few weeks ago I had recieved some exciting news about a job I was hoping for. It's a physiotherapists assistant. I had mentioned to a girl on my soccer team (who is a physiotherapist) last summer that I was interested in doing something like that when I went back to work and she said she'd let me know if they had any positions come up.

I didn't really expect to hear from her because I only played 2 games of soccer last summer and she was new to the team so I didn't think she'd even remember me but she did and she sent me a message a few weeks ago and told me that one of their assistants was going on maternity leave. She said she wasn't sure if they'd be filling the position but she had a strong suspicion they would be and was wondering if I was still interested. She said the owners are a bit slow but she figured they'd be posting the position in the next few weeks and she could mention me if I wanted.

I was very excited. I have been really interested in the field of physio since I took anatomy and physiology like 6 years ago and aced it. It's a class most fail but I was so interested in the muscles etc that I got an A+ first term and an A second term. Every since then I have been thinking about going into physio. I had actually applied there before I started at Herbal Magic and ended up not getting the position because the other girl had more secretary experience than I did. I found this out because the lady that interviewed me ended up joining herbal magic some time later and she remembered me. It wasn't long after that she actually offered me a job there but at the time, I was making good money and was unable to take the pay cut. Looking back I kind of wonder where I'd be now if I had gone. I still think I made the right choice.

The reason I want to do this assistant position is because I am not a book learner. I did ok in school but I had to work really hard for it. I would love to get some on the job experience before I go to school. I think that would make school a lot easier, not to mention that I could see if it is what I think it is before I end up going to school and not wanting to do the job. This happened to me before. I was registered to take psychiatric nursing a few years ago and I ended up withdrawing from the program after I encountered an attempted suicide with one of my clients I was working with as a mental health proctor. It was not something I thought I could handle on a regular basis. So, back to square one.

I've still thought about getting into physio, but I was making really good money at Herbal Magic and that makes it really hard to change. I wouldn't have the house or the vehicle I have now if it weren't for my position there for the last 6 years. Things have changed. Now, I am not the manager, as I stepped down before I left, so I'd be making barely more than minimum wage. I have figured out that I can't go back to work and make what I was making before I left or I won't even be able to keep up financially. Throwing $1000/month in daycare kind of puts a damper on the finances! This job seemed like a great opportunity.

Well, the "dream" came to an end yesterday when the girl from soccer emailed me and said they have decided not to hire for that position right now but she'd let me know if they did again in the future. I know that I didn't actually have the job or anything but it still kind of feels like I was fired. Now I am back to not having any idea what I'll be doing in 2 months. It's kind of scary. It's hard to make plans for the summer when you have no idea what kind of hours I'll be doing or what kind of money I'll be making. Guess I just have to wait and see.