1000 miles in 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I think I have officially failed at blogtober. I missed Monday and Tuesday, not even because I wanted to, but because I just don't have a very exciting life. Sorry :(

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Dance

On Saturday we had Thanksgiving with my family as my mom was working the last couple weekends. It was really nice to go home as it had been a long time since we'd been to Austin.

Saturday night we all got dressed up and went to the Halloween Dance in town. There were not a lot of people there but the kids had a blast! Brayden was the life of the party and even won first prize in the costume judging for kids 12 and under. By that time he didn't know what was going on, he was so tired because from the minute we got there, he ran back and forth, back and forth across the floor. I am not sure where my boys learned to dance but they sure had some interesting moves. I think it might be a form of break dancing but I'm not sure.

We partied long into the night, well, it was about 11pm, which for boys that normally go to bed at 7:30, that is long into the night. They had a great time, it was really fun to see. My parents even won a prize for the best couple costumes. I love that we can still get them into costumes and have a good time.

I will have to add a picture to this when I get them onto the computer.

Oct 22

Just playing catch up because I didn't get on the computer at all this weekend.

Saturday morning I went into work for about an hour to have some papers signed for my first actual loan! It wasn't a mortgage, it was a car loan but it was exciting for me none the less! This was the first customer I dealt with when I started here and 2 months later, he is VERY happy with my service. It is a good sign that I've had that impact on my only client! Hopefully it's a sign of good things to come.

Friday, October 21, 2011


What is up with this Jackhammer outside my office window. Nice of you to fix the step but did you really need to do it on a Friday? The busiest banking day. Glad I don't have any appointments in my office today. I had to call a client from a stock room on the other side of the building so I could hear what he was saying! All I have to say is that I think I will appreciate the noise level of my children when I go home tonight!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oct 20

Yesterday went pretty well with my realtor, today I am seeing 2 more. Hopefully I can begin to build this business and the money will start rolling in cause I'm sure thinking about how to spend it, I mean invest it. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

taking the plunge

Today is my first realtor interview. I am very nervous. I do know this realtor as she was actually a client of mine at Herbal Magic so that makes it a little bit easier but at the same time, she is a bit scatter-brained and it is hard to get her to sit still for a 5 minutes so it could be interesting. I chose to sit with her because she is very successful and she is someone I'd have no problem refering my clients back to because I know she puts the client first! That is important to me. I am all about customer service!

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toronto Bound

Looks like another trip to the big city is in my future. I am off to Toronto again the second week of November. There was some confusion as to what I need to be "qualified" for my position and the first course I took was not enough so I am off again.

I am less than excited this time. The first time it was exciting going away but now that I have been there, and been to Winnipeg twice for a week in total, I'm ok with staying home. The worst part is, I when I go, I don't get to stay at right at the learning facility like I did last time. I have to stay at the 4 season hotel which will mean a 20 - 30 minute cab ride to and from class every day, meaning I have to pay for 2 cab rides everyday (which I will be reimbursed for but I still have to dish it out up front!) and I will have to go to a restaurant and order and pay for my meals everyday (again, reimbursed but still a pain in the butt). I also won't be able to do any of the activities that go on in the gym each night as I will have to head back to my hotel after class. I am hoping I can get on a waiting list for a room at the training facility and maybe, just maybe, I can get in there and save myself so much of a hassel.

Jason wasn't too keen on the idea of me having to go either. That is his first week back to work after completing his school. It's one thing for me to be gone 2 nights to Winnipeg but now we have to take the day to drive to Winnipeg to go to the airport, then he has 5 nights alone and then another trip to Winnipeg after work on the Friday to come pick me up from the airport. I feel bad this time around. The first time I didn't. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed I can get in at the learning facility and then it'll be a great trip!