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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wow, when you try to blog everyday, you sure realize how boring your life really is, thanks for that eye opener Tif. lol :)

Been very anxious lately. I think it's work related. Don't get me wrong, I love my new job, but I'm in an awkward stage right now. My job is an independent position. I am the only mortgage specialist for BMO in Brandon, therefore, job shadowing isn't an option. I have taken my courses, I have done many conference calls, I've talked to my coach (the person who helps me with anything I don't know) and now I'm done with "training" but I still have SO much I don't know. I have so much support and can ask questions to a lot of people but one of the other new MS's put into perfect words, "I don't know what I don't know", therefore, I have no questions to ask.

I would love to go out and get some business as I only have 4 more months of (crappy) base pay, then I'm on full commission. Scary! If I don't have business, I don't have a paycheck! You can now see why I'd be anxious. I am excited to go out and meet people and I know I have help to put the loans together and make sure it's done right but when I'm with a customer, I have to have some answers or why would they want to deal with me? It's all about credibility. I have to give a good impression so these people will pass my name onto their friends, that's the who idea. I need to develop a referal system where I don't have to put in so much effort, where they come to me. I have no doubt that I will do a good job for anyone but some people have patience for new people and some do not. I don't want to get a bad name by approaching people to soon. If I don't know enough or at least a little about what they want to know, I'm not going to look good, whether I'm new or not.

This is my dilemma. Do I make an attempt to go out and network when I clearly won't be able to answer the questions my customers or realtors will have, or so I continue to sit at my desk and read until I absorb all the info I see and continue to search out other things I don't know that I don't know?

I am really going to love everything about this job, just struggling a bit to get started. I knew that would be the case, but reality is a tough pill to swallow sometimes. Hopefully I can find some friends/family that will recommend me so I can get a few things on the go.

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  1. My advice? Just do it! Jump in and slog through and suddenly you'll realize that you DO have the answers to questions and you really CAN help people with this. You'll be fine!