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Sunday, October 9, 2011

the next Sidney Crosby

I may have discovered a superstar today.

Jason's sister and family are out for Thanksgiving and she wanted to take the kids skating this morning because her daughter, who is 4 months younger than Ashton, was not happy at skating lessons last week, and she hoped that if she saw Ashton skating and having fun that she'd want to do it by herself too.

We decided as we were getting ready that we might as well grab the old skates we'd bought Ashton was he was little and let Brayden try. They are just plastic skates and they've been sitting in the basement unused for 2 years or so, kind of rusty but we figured he'd only try for like 5 minutes anyway. We only have one hockey helmet so Ashton's bike helmet was the solution for Brayden.

We get to the rink and I was having trouble getting mitts on  Brayden, he didn't want to wear them. I didn't force him because I figured I'd be holding his hands the whole time but when we got out on the ice, he wanted to it by himself. He stood by himself for a long time. Even tried to actually skate. When he fell, he laughed and he wouldn't even let me help him get up. He wanted to do it by himself. Probably because for the last week we've been praising Ashton for getting up on his own. He had no mitts on, and he had his hands on the ice pushing himself up on his skates, he'd fall, but he just kept trying.

We were really impressed since the skates were so rusty on the bottom and really needed sharpened. We weren't going to bother trying skating with him because we tried with Ashton when he was that age and he didn't like it. Brayden is another story. He might be the next Sid the Kid. He's only 17 months old and we have the whole winter ahead of us to teach him. Funny how different 2 brothers can be when it comes to personality. I'm sure it's because he sees his big brother and wants to do everything he does.

I guess we'll have to sharpen up those skates and keep on trying, maybe he'll be flying around on his own by the end of the season.

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