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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oct 15

Wow, that was quite the adventure.

I now know that a builders gala is as exciting as I thought it would be but we had a good time anyway. A live band which strongly resembled a high school jazz band from the class of 1960. Not a lot of music options. Very interesting.

The meal was good, not really to my taste for the most part. Have you ever eaten sweet pototo and pumpkin soup with sour cream and a pastry of some sort in it? I can't say I have either but that started it off.

Finally after an attempt to dance the night away to some very undanceable music, we headed back to the hotel. One of the mortgage specialists from Winnipeg gave myself and my boss (who is out from Calgary) a ride back. My boss wanted to go in for a night cap (like we needed anymore) but the lounge in the hotel was closed. The other MS took us to, what we thought was another lounge, just behind the hotel that his friend owned. Turns out its a bar of some sort. VERY loud. I have a cold and had pretty much lost my voice by that time so it was hard to talk. Our boss was trying to convince us that it was a gay bar. We did start to wonder as there were a lot of girls there but very few of the guys were near them, the guys were gravitating to each other.

2am, bar is closing, wow, been a long time since I did that! Good night overall. Now time to get my stuff packed up and head back home. I do miss all my boys. Going out on the town like that reminds me why I'm not living the single life and why I am happy I have a family! Fun to do it once and awhile but definitely not my scene!

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