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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rough night

What is wrong with my baby? He is a pretty good kid most times, but has been waking up at night a lot again lately, he's up more nights then not. Usually he wakes up crying and all I hear is "mama" thru the sobbing. I normally get up with him because I don't want him waking up the rest of the household. I go pick him up, the crying stops, we sit on the couch for 2 minutes, he falls back to sleep, I put him back to bed and he's usually out for the night.

Last night, however, he work up crying 3 times between 9pm and 6am. I got up with him the first 2 times, the third time, my brain could not convince my body I needed to get out of bed. I just layed there and listened to him cry. Eventually he went to sleep again.

I know that I need to let him cry sometimes but I feel so bad listening to him "mama, mama" thru the tears. I don't know what is causing this. Ashton never gets up at night, with the odd exception to go pee now, but not when he was a baby. The poor kid is pretty sick, he has a terrible cold, that's half the reason that I get up with him, I feel bad when he cries and then he coughs more and then there's more snot. It might be that his teeth are sore. He is 17 months old and only has 6 teeth! His gums are swollen and he's drooly but that could be from being sick too.

I also have a new concern that hit me this morning, maybe he's scared of the dark now. I think of this because this morning, I was down the hall from his room in the bathroom and he had woken up and was chatting and as soon as I turned out the bathroom light (which was shinning in his room a little), he started to cry. I am thinking of getting a night lite for him and see if that helps. This may not be the case, but I am exhausted from getting up every night so I need to try something.

It's weird because Jason says he doesn't wake up when I'm not there. I have been away for work a few nights here and there and Brayden sleeps all night. I don't know if that is really the case or if Jason just doesn't hear him. How can you not hear him? His room is right next to ours.

I will continue to search for a solution. Maybe just let him cry it out . . .

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  1. I say drug him up if he wakes up crying - especially if you suspect it could be teeth. You never know, he might like a night light too! My kids have them, and they're not overly bright, just bright enough to keep the monsters away. Definitely worth a try!