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Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Dance

On Saturday we had Thanksgiving with my family as my mom was working the last couple weekends. It was really nice to go home as it had been a long time since we'd been to Austin.

Saturday night we all got dressed up and went to the Halloween Dance in town. There were not a lot of people there but the kids had a blast! Brayden was the life of the party and even won first prize in the costume judging for kids 12 and under. By that time he didn't know what was going on, he was so tired because from the minute we got there, he ran back and forth, back and forth across the floor. I am not sure where my boys learned to dance but they sure had some interesting moves. I think it might be a form of break dancing but I'm not sure.

We partied long into the night, well, it was about 11pm, which for boys that normally go to bed at 7:30, that is long into the night. They had a great time, it was really fun to see. My parents even won a prize for the best couple costumes. I love that we can still get them into costumes and have a good time.

I will have to add a picture to this when I get them onto the computer.

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