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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct 11

Wow, I'm not very exciting. The highlight of my day today is that I have 2 phone appointments, not with clients, but I'm still excited about having something to do.

The first call is with one of the guys I met in Toronto when I went for training. He is from Chiliwack BC. We have kept in touch and are trading business ideas.

The second call is with my coach, who also happens to be from BC as well. We will just be doing some training.

This week will be busy. I have to get groceries on my lunch break today. Ashton has skating lessons after work tonight. Tomorrow morning, Brayden and I have family circle, then I have to come to work for awhile, get a spray tan at some point, then Brayden has a dr. app't in the afternoon. I play volleyball at 7pm and then I have to head to Wpg. Oh right, I need to pack somewhere in there too.

Thursday, I will be at the Victoria Inn Airport west doing a realtor trade show with the other mortgage specialists from Winnipeg. Don't get too excited for me! Then Friday, I'll have some one on one time with my boss so I can do some more training, then in the evening, we will be attending the Manitoba Builders awards gala. (and you got excited about the realtor trade show!!! Just imagine this one!) Truthfully, I am a bit excited about this gala mainly because I have to get really dressed up. I borrowed a really cute dress from a friend so it didn't cost me anything! (this event is the reason for my spray tan too). It will be a fun filled evening.

Lucky enough, I got a much better hotel this time. I'll be staying at the Fairmont downtown. It's supposed to be pretty classy so I'm looking forward to it. I just hope the gym equipement works at least!

Then Saturday morning I'll be heading home and possibly taking the kids to the pumpkin patch at Oak lake.

I like being busy. I was rather bored this weekend. Guess I had more to say than I thought :)

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